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Our proper wine collection includes bottles made by previous employers, shipments from a wine club we belong to, and super sentimental gifts. The bulk of what we drink at home Chris purchases online.

March to May is a great time to purchase wine online because the shipping temperatures are typically favorable enough to ship safely with an ice pack or two (it’s no coincidence that Spring and Fall also align with winery release dates).

A few grapes and varietals we plan on stocking up our fridge with this season:

  1. Alsatian White Wines include Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Riesling, and blends of all those varietals. Alsace is a region of France that borders Germany. The two cultures have been historically fluid in this region for centuries, hence German varietals like Riesling are planted in this part of France. I am partial to Schlumberger only because I sold it for many years, but Trimbach with a bright yellow label is typically easy to find too. The bottle shape is tall and skinny.
  2. Spanish Txakoli (pronounced chacolí) is produced in the Basque Country and gives you a reason to buy a perron (part wine bong, part keg stand). Green apple notes and a slight fizz make this like drinking the color spring green. Pair with a Spanish-centric cheese and charcuterie board.
  3. I don’t need a season to drink white Burgundy, but I will say that some of my favorite bottles have been consumed in backyards after sunset. Chardonnay dominates here and the wines certainly have the power to pair with whatever is on the BBQ.
  4. Look beyond Provence Rose and try a different region’s favorite pink wine this year. Rose can be made using a variety of red grapes; Cabernet, Syrah, Pinot Noir, etc., etc. Think of making Rose like brewing tea with the pink color coming from limiting the contact of red grape skins with the fresh juice after pressing. It’s amazing how different Roses can be so line up a few options at your next summer party and re-stock on your favorite in time for Thanksgiving.
  5. Sardinian Vermentino creates an amazing pairing with fresh seafood. If you add an Italian flare to the fish, you literally can’t miss here. The vineyards are grown within proximity to the sea and the wines retain a salinity character because of it.
  6. Chenin Blanc is in our hearts and minds to add to the Belly Dragger wine line up soon, so we’ve been drinking Chris’s favorite, Domaine des Baumard in Loire Valley, France. Great Chenin Blanc is also produced in Stellenbosch, South Africa with the best examples showing honeydew melon characteristics.