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2018 Cabernet Sauvignon


Belly Dragger's first vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon is CRUSHING!! Who knew canned wine could taste this good... we sure did! Aromas black cherry, chicory coffee and pink peppercorn make your knees buckle back into that lounge chair you just tried to get up from. Bursts of blackberry and Bing cherry flavors are layered with pie spices, weaving into a long, caramel-filled finish. Hell, this Cabernet tastes like Michelin-rated cuisine. The best part about it is travel friendly for everyday luxury. So kick back and keep Draggin'!

 Vibes: Cheetos, popcorn, couch and movie night, Outdoor fire pits and days that end in"y".  

ABV: 13.5%
Can Size: 375 mL
Packs: Available in 8, 12 & 24-Packs