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2020 Cabernet Sauvignon


LBJ! No, we are not drifting back into the 60's about the 36th president's desire to create "A Great Society", we are doing that now! Though our 2020 cab does bring wine lovers together, Belly Dragger's second release is just a LUSH, BIG and JUICY delicious cab! We added a little Syrah and Zinfandel to round out a dark cherry liqueur base with blackberry and blueberry flavors. Aged on neutral oak, this fruit-forward cab makes for great day drinking anywhere! And when the night comes pour it over ice and make cocktails out of it. Just see our website for the proof.

Vibes: Sexy dinner parties, ski haus hot tubbing & fireside star gazing

Can Size: 375 mL (two glasses)
Packs: Available in 8-, 12-& 24-Packs