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About Belly Dragger

Belly Dragger is a beverage company rooted in recyclable packaging that is currently elevating the canned wine category with vintage-dated California Chardonnay and Cabernet.

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Why Cans?

Cans are sustainable and easily recycled. They keep out oxygen better than bottle caps or corks, so wine doesn't oxidize as fast. They are also easier to transport and take up less space, so you can fit more of them in your fridge or cooler!

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What's a "Dragger"?

Someone who can enjoy the simple pleasures in life and is happy to drink wine with anyone, anywhere.

Can you handle the Drag?

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You’ll need to slow down and take in the moments in order to experience living the “Dragger” life as we do. Enjoy Belly Dragger for any occasion - watching the sun go down, sitting around an evening campfire or a candlelit dinner with that special someone. We’ll keep making the wine if you keep making the moments. 

As we like to say... Keep Draggin’


Our Location

68196 Valley Vista Drive
Cathedral City, CA 92234
(707) 812-0441

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wholesale inquires contact us.

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